Friday, 11 February 2011

Today we created our shotlist for our images and video. We made this so that we could go back to it for reference if we needed to and also to make it clear exactly what sort of images we need. Below is the shotlist for our images and video:
- pictures of sad childen, so that they have an emotional impact on the audience.
- pictures of groups of people to represent the people that have done fundraising events for the charity.
- pictures of new families that with ex abused children who are now happy.
- pictures of a teenager on a phone to represent the contacting part of the website.
- both boys and girls in pictures to represent gender.
- a range of age groups of the children
- clip of a girl and boy explaining to the audience the fundraising event they are doing in order to help the audience understand.
- different clips of dancing each featuring boys and girls, some parts with one boy and one girl, other parts with the group as a whole.

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